Lunch & Learn

The Collective at Cumberland hosts a diverse array of students and job seekers who come from various social, cultural and economic backgrounds. The “Lunch & Learn” program is designed to provide opportunities for people from the church, education, or business community to open conversations and build relationships with our clients and students around sharing a meal together.

To schedule a luncheon please contact or, if you can’t break away for a lunch but would still like to show your support, simply visit our Support page, click on the GIVE link to make a donation, and note that your gift should be used for “Lunch & Learn.

 “The Collective is always thinking of ways to better support our youth while they pursue their GED… and advocating the Lunch & Learn drive to offer hot meals… Stacy added a ‘Speech Challenge’ to help mold our youth to possess confidence, and gain experience in speaking out on their struggles and goals. Because of these great services that they offer, I purposefully place youth with the most need at The Collective, so they can receive true love and support.”

- Melanie Banks, Collective partner