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Cobb County Family Dependency Treatment Court




What We Do

The Collective at Cumberland interacts with its clients based on the following most essential principles:

● Serve one another in genuine interdependent relationships

● Identify obstacles

● Discover assets: clients’ gifts, talents and abilities

● Develop a sustainable plan of action

● Build a partnership of shared resources

Each client consultation begins with us working together to identify the obstacles, what assets the individual and The Collective has to share in overcoming those obstacles, and finally, we build a client-agency partnership agreement with a quantifiable plan of action bent toward the client becoming self-sufficient and financially stable.

Our on­-site partner network includes individual and group addiction counseling, recovery support, professional career counseling with image consultation, a computer lab for job searches or on-­line course work, the Cobb County Independent Work Program: a 9-week paid internship that includes social, workforce and educational development or Construction Ready: a FREE 4-week bootcamp and job-skills training course where students can earn up to 8 industry credentials and attend a hiring fair.  Please visit the On-Campus Services page for more information.

Off­-campus referrals: If the resources you require are not available directly at The Collective, client consultants may refer you to one of our off-campus community partners.

“At a time in my life where I felt lost, confused, and broken The Collective wrapped their arms around me and helped change my life drastically. They gave me confidence, showed their love, and encouraged me through a structured plan of action to lift my head up and start living a healthy and successful life. They helped restore my sense of self worth and find happiness and joy in my time of crisis and confusion. This was over a year ago and they still help with supporting positivity in my life today. I am forever grateful.”

– Katie, Collective client