We operate under the philosophy of Dignity Serves and with the belief that as God’s unique creation, every individual has gifts, value and purpose and as such, is worthy of being treated with dignity and respect regardless of their situation or circumstances.

“I have worked for non-profits for close to 20 years, and for the past 8 years for the State of Georgia. During this time, I have come across many organizations that are there to help people. Many do, but what makes the Collective so unique is the personal touch of Ms. Brungardt and her staff. This place is relational, seeking to develop a support system that so many lack…

“The expectations are high, but are set in love. When someone falls, they know if they decide to get back on track again, that Ms. Brungardt will still be there. This is what I believe will make a difference in the long run. We all grow at different rates of speed, and some fall more than others. The key is them knowing that they are welcomed back if they are genuine in their desire to try again.”

- Maria Lee, Collective partner