The Story


Cobb County has been home to Cumberland Community Church (CCC) for 16 years. During this time, the economic and social landscape has been continually changing and growing, necessitating an altered approach by caring organizations who are willing to work together to meet the needs of the community. To bring life to the vision, we at CCC concluded that the primary use of the building and property at 3110 Sports Avenue should be that of a community center for the common good, and so The Collective at Cumberland, “A Partnership for Change,” was born.

Our Purpose

Our staff, volunteers and community partners are committed to building genuine, interdependent relationships with the individuals and families we serve in Cobb County. Through care, compassion and dignity, we offer assistance in developing a sustainable plan of action to restore wholeness in their lives.

Our Mission

The Collective at Cumberland is a strategic network of faith and non-faith based partners that are committed to restoring communities through education, employment, and social skills development.