Stacy Brungardt

Program Director and Community Development Coordinator

Stacy has called Smyrna her home for more than 40 years. She envisioned The Collective and all the possibilities it could hold before it existed. Both her personal experience living in the community and professional experience as a local missionary have given her the heart, passion, and unique perspective required to run The Collective as only she could. Stacy is driven to continually learn and build upon the work she has accomplished.


Brittany Keith

Recovery Community Coordinator

Brittany is liaison for The Collective, Family Dependency Treatment Court of Cobb County, and the recovery community. Brittany is a United States Veteran and also a member of the DBHDD Region 1 Advisory Council. She has an eclectic mindset and loves to think outside the box. Brittany is passionate about advocating for individuals seeking rehabilitative treatment, navigating the criminal justice system, and walking alongside those in recovery as they develop personally, socially and economically.


Nan Hays

RCC- Administrative Assistant




Marcus Thurman

Construction Ready Recruiter & Peer Specialist





Brian Booker

Construction Ready Recruiter & Peer Specialist







Judi Mollohan

Administrative Assistant









Gail Burney

Community Service Coordinator











Nancy Sapp

Community Service Coordinator













John Crosland, Sr.

Career Services & Tech Support